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Portfolio Asset Management Software

  • MYPAVE & MYSITE, your cloud-based, interactive site management suite
  • Designed for multi-site, national or international companies to organize and optimize asset management & maintenance programs
  • Our engineers harvest site data, our technicians & software manage and store field site data providing a transfer of knowledge and information critical to making educated decisions
  • MYPAVE is easy to navigate and always at your fingertips
  • Login using any device (mobile, tablet, PC or MAC)



Budget Creation & Deployment Strategies

  • MYPAVE software organizes engineering data into an easy-to-use platform
  • Create 5-15 year budget outlooks with ease
  • MYPAVE budget outlook tracks the effects of repairs and dollars spent over time
  • MYPAVE summary budget outlook data is used to model long term viable programs that can convert reactive maintenance into proactive maintenance
  • Manage how and where your budget dollars are best spent
  • Monitor the success of maintenance programs and products used
  • IF budget constraints apply the budget optimizer will provide models to stretch dollars deployed and maximize the portfolio impact
  • Create -> Navigate -> Monitor -> Modify all with a click of a mouse



Contractor Management - Consulting & Quality Testing/Control

  • Contractor optimization & management made easy
  • MYPAVE archtype menus, specifically developed for clients, utilize best practice repair and maintenance strategies
  • MYPAVE budget outlook data can be used to create RFP's and Work Orders for a single event or multi-year contracts
  • Contractor optimizing assists to stretch every dollar
  • MYPAVE Consulting - collaborate and enhance the client's programs as they develop over time
  • MYPAVE Jobsite Supervision, Management and Material Testing - continued services to assist in program success.

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